The Best Lighters For Best Adventure Experience

The ability to light a fire revolutionized human life on this planet and today there are multiple ways you can light one. The lighters is one object that remains an effective and popular means of creating a flame as it is compact and portable.

They can be used for a wide range of purposes, starting from lighting a cigarette to building a campfire. The basic purpose of a lighter is to start a fire effectively and it has been around for about two centuries now.
There are a variety of lighters available in the market which use various fuels. They can be suitable for the outdoor enthusiast or for a barbecue party or even for indoor use.

You can choose one depending on your needs and since lighters are also often objected to impacting fashion and style, you can choose some of the best models. I will share a couple of reviews for the best light and will also point out a few factors that you need to note if you are planning to buy a new lighter.

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Buyer’s guide for lighters

There is a large variety of choices in the market and it might get confusing for a first-time buyer. So it is best to go through a few points before making your choice.

Select your type

There are quite a few types of lighters and you have to choose one based on your needs, budget, and preference. The traditional Zippo lighters have been around for a long time and are stylish and reliable.
Storm-proof torch lighters are great for outdoor use and they can be used in adverse weather conditions. Capsule type lighters and Bic type lighters are inexpensive, easy to use options and they can be refilled for reuse.
The modern electric arc lighters also offer good efficiency and functionality.


A lighter should be hardy and durable so that you do not find it broken or leaking fuel when you need it. If you are planning to use it for outdoor situations and emergency use, make sure that it is tough enough to withstand rough use and still perform effectively.


This is another important factor to check when buying lighters because a good light should be able to produce a flame under all circumstances. If you need a fire when it is raining or windy, the lighter should be able to produce it without a problem.

Lighting methods

For cheaper Bic lighters, you need to hold down with the thumb to keep the flame burning. But that can be disadvantageous in certain situations. So you can choose a model that can keep the flame from going in hands-free mode. This is particularly useful for survival situations and emergency scenarios.

Light and compact

A heavy and large lighter is not the ideal companion whether you are planning to use it outdoors or carrying it in your pocket. An efficient light model is always preferable when you are going out with a lighter.


Use and throw models can be easy to use but are not a reliable and cost-effective long term solution. The ability to refill is lighter is definitely a better option and these lighters are generally of much better quality than the others.

A small chart listing a few features the lighters that will be reviewed is attached under showcasing their basic properties so that it is easy for you to glance through it.

S no. Product name Operation Weight Windproof
1 Tesla Coil Lighters™ Arc Lighter Electric arc 3 Oz Yes
2 Zippo Chrome Lighters Lighter fuel 2.88 ounce Yes


Tesla Coil Lighters™ Arc Lighter

This is a modern light that is stylish and rechargeable and is easy to use under all scenarios.


This is a finely crafted electrical arc lighter which is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. It is rechargeable making it very easy to use and the operation procedure is very safe and simple.
Tesla Coil Lighters USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

Feature and Benefits:

Electrically operated

This is lighter that does not use any fuel so there is no need to refill it. It operates from an internal battery and can be charged via a USB port. It produces an electric arc strong enough for most uses and very effective for most of your uses.

Easy to use

The electric arc appears when you open the lid just at the touch of a button placed at the side. The safety mechanism will prevent the arc from operating when the lid is down and will also shut down the arc automatically after 10 seconds.

Long life

The battery takes full charge within two hours and once charged, it can give somewhere between 100 to 300 sparks. So this is the perfect hassle-free and effective solution for those looking for a good fighter.

Light and compact

This is a very light and compact lighter and you can carry it comfortably in your pocket or in your travel bag. While in your hands, it will feel very sturdy and it is designed ergonomically for easy use. Moreover, the design is windproof so you can use it even in adverse weather.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8 x 0.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 3 Oz.
  • Arc length: 5 mm.
  • Charging: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Pros and Cons:

  • Light and sturdy.
  • Electric arc system.
  • Stylish built.
  • Cannot produce a strong flame.
Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300 Dive Computer Titan / ABS Regulator Set

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This is a very good choice as a stylish and efficient lighter with top-class performance.

Zippo Chrome Lighters

This is a classic Zippo lighter which is a perfect blend of style and performance and will serve you for years without failing.
Zippo Brushed Chrome Pocket Lighter


Crafted with care and attention, this lighter is one of the best Zippo models which is a pleasure to use. This design has been around since 1938 and speak volumes about the lighter’s quality and popularity.

Feature and Benefits:

Superb design

This lighter has a metal body has a polished mirror-like finish on all of its surfaces making it look extremely classy. It is one of the oldest designs from the manufacturer and the styling has been preserved with care.

Great build

The metal body of the lighter is durable and can withstand rough handling with ease. It is also light and compact, making it quite portable and easy to carry in the pocket.

Stable flame

This lighter has a structure that makes it windproof and you can easily use it in rainy and windy conditions while on the outdoors. The flame will also resist water very well so this light can be a great outdoor companion.

Easy to use

To use this lighter, you just need to flip open the cap and rotate the flint wheel with the thumb. The refueling procedure is also simple and once you keep the fuel levels steady this lighter will serve faithfully for years.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5 x 0.5 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 88 ounces.
  • Body:
  • Fuel: Lighter fluid.

Pros and Cons:

  • Light and rugged.
  • Reliable performance in all conditions.
  • Stylish built.
  • Fuel evaporates with time.
Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300 Dive Computer Titan / ABS Regulator Set
This is a vintage lighter that will serve you for years with its top-class performance and high-grade construction.

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