Best Rain Poncho For Outdoor Adventure

While going out in a downpour, you need some protection to prevent yourself from getting wet and putting on a rain poncho is one of the best ways of doing that.
You may point out that they are not as stylish or smartly designed as a rain jacket, but the point is that they are very effective and extremely versatile in their applications.

They are easy to put on and the loose fit provides excellent ventilation. A poncho not only covers your upper body but also comes down to your mid-thigh, thereby protecting your pants from getting totally wet.
Ponchos offer bigger room and surface areas which are useful in many ways. I have seen a lot of people putting on ponchos over their backpacks and even use them as a small tent during camping emergencies.
In addition to being totally waterproof, the ponchos are also windproof, offering you some valuable warmth from wind-chill.
So unless you are a regular hiker or an outdoor enthusiast, for which jackets and pants are more effective, a poncho can be an ideal and economical choice for the rainy days. To help you make your choice I will share the reviews of some of the best rain ponchos in the current market.

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Rain poncho buyer’s guide

Buying rain gear like a poncho can be quite confusing and you can easily get lost in the multitude of fabrics and colors. There are some basic features that you need to ensure before you make your choice and a few important ones are listed below for your convenience.


Various manufacturers test their products in different ways but you can be sure that a certified waterproof product will keep the water from getting inside. Some of the products are water resistant but while going for a poncho, it is best to choose a fully waterproof one. There are various waterproof materials like PVC, Sil-Poly, breathable laminates, and others and you can take your pick from them.


While breathability is an important factor while choosing a jacket, it is not that important for a poncho. The first reason for that is that the poncho is roomy and does not have a close tight fit. Secondly, you will not be hiking around in a poncho so there is not much chance of the breathability factor coming into play. So you can save your money and just choose a waterproof unit.


The price is an important factor for any item you buy and a rain poncho is no exception. One big advantage of ponchos is that they are simple and very cheap. There are many good ponchos available in the market at a very decent price and you can easily choose from one of them without having to spend a lot.


It is important that you choose a poncho which is made up of a robust and durable material so that you can use it without fearing scratches and tears. Most ponchos are without stitches, with all the seams connected by heating or welding making them more durable. It is also important for you to choose a poncho which is light in weight and does not burden you in any way.


It is always nice to receive some warranty on your purchase and in the case of a poncho, it is even more necessary when you plan to use it roughly. There are many brands which offer a good warranty for their products so keep your eyes open for the best deal.

Before we go into the reviews for the best ponchos I am attaching a simple table outlining a few basic details about our reviewed items. This will help you to compare the items before making a choice.

S no. Product name Material Weight Open size (inches)
1 Terra Hiker Rain Poncho 210 T Polyester 0.58 pounds 85.8 x 54.6
2 JTENG Rain Poncho PVC 1.6 59 x 55


Terra Hiker Rain Poncho

This is a well designed and effective poncho that will give you good protection when you are going out in the rain.
Terra Hiker Rain Poncho, Waterproof Raincoat with Hoods for Outdoor Activities


Light and convenient in its use and sufficiently durable inbuilt, this poncho from Terra Hiker can be a very effective rain shield. It has a one-piece construction and is designed for a wide range of outdoor activities, making it an ideal companion for such trips.


Feature and Benefits:

Rugged built

This poncho is made of 210T high-density polyester fabric and the seams are specially treated to last for a long time. The high-density material and single-piece construction make the waterproofing of very high quality. This is one poncho that is built to last.

Multiple usages

The design of this poncho makes it useful not only as a raincoat but also as a mat or tarp or even a sunshade. So whether you are out for a picnic or a short hike, this poncho will serve you well in a variety of trips.

Compact and portable

This is a unit that is very compact and can be easily folded in the pouch provided, making it effectively portable. It is also very light and hence anyone can carry it around.

Roomy structure

In case you want to put on this poncho over your backpack, you can easily do so as it is very roomy. This also ensures that you get comprehensive protection, even in the worst weather.

Key Specifications:


  • Folded size: 58 x 3.14 x 1.95 inches
  • Unfolded size: 8 x 54.6 inches.
  • Weight: 58 pounds


Pros and Cons:

  • Durable built
  • Multiple usage
  • Very spacious.
  • Hood is tight for some users.
Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300 Dive Computer Titan / ABS Regulator Set
This is a classic poncho that will fulfill all your needs and will even provide you with some additional benefits at a very reasonable price.

JTENG Rain Poncho

 A military-styled rain poncho created with the best components that will guard you against the rains when you are out for your adventures.
 JTENG Rain Poncho waterproof, Rip-Stop for Hunting Camping Military and use with Emergency Grommet Corners for shelter use


This poncho is built with high-grade materials and multiple useful features, making it very versatile for outdoor usage. The built quality is top class and the zippers and buttons are placed at strategic positions making it extremely convenient to use in all scenarios.


Feature and Benefits:


Light and durable

This is made up of  PVC material which is totally waterproof and also quite light to carry around. You can easily pack it up into the storage bag provided and carry it along very easily.

Multiple features

One interesting feature of this poncho is that it has buttons on the side enabling you to wear it either by making sleeves or just by allowing it to hang loose. There is also a zip line at the neck area so that the neck opening can be made larger.

Great usability

This poncho can be used in multiple ways making it a great outdoor companion. It can be used as a groundsheet, temporary shelter or even as a sleeping bag. The unit also has eyelets in it so you can also use it as a tent for light uses.

Large size

The large size of the poncho will easily provide total rain protection and even act as a wind guard for any adult. The large size will also effective in putting it over your backpack quite easily.

Key Specifications:


  • Open size: 59 x 55 inches.
  • Material:
  • Weight: 6 pounds


Pros and Cons:

  • Effective raincoat.
  • Built-in grommets.
  • Big in size.
  • A relatively heavier poncho.
Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300 Dive Computer Titan / ABS Regulator Set
This is a great poncho available at a good price and is definitely one of the best units out there in the market.

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